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Walker Cup 2013: A Historical Homecoming
September 3, 2013
Walker Cup 2013: A Historical Homecoming

The Walker Cup golf tournament is a contest deeply rooted in American history. It began in 1922, after the end of World War I, as a light-hearted way to bring the United States, Great Britain and Ireland back together. George Herbert Walker, the grandfather of former president George W. Bush, is the competition’s namesake, as he was president of the United States Golf Association (USGA) at the time of the Walker Cup’s inception.

The 2013 Walker Cup is an especially significant match, as it is the first time the competition will be held on the same course as it began 91 years ago. Bringing the Walker Cup back to its birthplace at the National Golf Links of America in Southampton fills the US Walker Cup team will immense pride. Two-time team captain Jim Holtgrieve expressed this to reporters on August 22, “I keep using the word ‘historic,’ but that’s what this is. . .This golf course is so historic and such a great place.”

This year’s team is composed of first-team All-Americans Max Homa, 22, of the University of California at Berkeley, Patrick Rodgers, 20, of Stanford University, Michael Weaver, 22, also of Cal-Berkeley, Justin Thomas, 20, Cory Whitsett, 21, and Bobby Wyatt, 21, all of the University of Alabama, in addition to Jordan Niebrugge, 20, of Oklahoma State University, and two mid-amateurs (non-collegiate golfers), Nathan Smith, 35, and Todd White, 45. Holtgrieve said White, “brings quiet to the team,” giving a well-roundedness to this year’s American team. “These are the most mature young men I’ve ever met,” Holtgrieve continued, “They’re very mature for their age, and I think that’s what golf does for people.”

The 44th Walker Cup Match is scheduled for September 6-8, and as always, Hotel Indigo East End has their doors open to you with welcoming accommodations for your weekend on the East End. We’re just a short drive from the course, click here for directions!

Tickets to the event are available on the 2013 Walker Cup website. They are also accepting applications for volunteers, so if that’s of interest to you, hurry up and apply! Stay in the know on twitter by following #walkercup, and when you tweet keep us in the loop @IndigoEastEnd!

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