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Recap of A Spirited Getaway's Launch Party
October 20, 2014
Recap of A Spirited Getaway’s Launch Party

We started dropping breadcrumbs back in July, when we introduced A Spirited Getaway here on the Hotel Indigo East End blog, but that was only the beginning. Over the last several months, we’ve thrown the name around throughout the East End, sparing the details to leave a lingering allure amongst Long Islanders both near and far.

“A Spirited Getaway” sounds like just the thing most of us crave after a long work week…but just what is A Spirited Getaway, exactly?

Everyone’s questions were answered this past Wednesday, when we invited 150 guests to our Spirited Getaway Launch Party!

Launch Party

Our guests were Spirited Away as soon as they set foot on Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard property, as the Crooked Ladder Fire Truck greeted them with cold, tall glasses of Outta My Vine Pumpkin Ale and CLB German-style Kolsh. Crooked Ladder’s unique, mobile tasting vehicle was everything we could’ve hoped for to set the tone for the incredible night to follow—it has the look and feel of the North Fork culture that we all know and love, having previously served the town of Jamesport for years before retiring to a life of extinguishing thirst instead of fire.

With a cold beer in hand, guests continued to our party tent, where they were greeted by Bistro 72’s Chef James, who introduced them to a colorful spread of fall favorites, all locally-sourced and the freshest of fresh, of course! Our friendly team continued to pass delectable, bite-sized treats to our guests throughout the evening.

After a hello from Chef and grabbing a bite or two from the table, our guests had an array of tasty, chilled Long Island Spirits to choose from—with a full education on the different choices by our friends from LiV! Whether you were in the mood for a nice, cold Long Island Vodka, something a bit sweeter like a Strawberry or Lemon Sorbetta, or a strong, classic whiskey or bourbon, there was something to tickle every taste bud at the party.

Baiting Hollow’s hospitality didn’t end at hosting our fabulous event—they also opened their tasting room for guests to enjoy a selection of their choice wines, as well as their delicious, merlot meatballs!

The introduction to all of our partners in A Spirited Getaway couldn’t have been better, and we’re excited to share the details of precisely what A Spirited Getaway package contains.

A Spirited Getaway!

A Spirited Getaway can be booked with any stay at Hotel Indigo East End. A Spirited Getaway Shuttle will take you and your party to-and-from the following partner locations:

  • Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
  • Crooked Ladder Brewing Company
  • Long Island Spirits
  • Tanger Outlets
  • And, of course, Bistro 72 and Hotel Indigo

Your Spirited Getaway experience is truly in your hands, giving you the freedom to select the arrangement of the day’s events and locations, for a one-of-a-kind party made just for you! Baiting Hollow has live music and various events taking place on the weekends; you can sometimes catch the folks at Crooked Ladder actually brewing beer in the microbrewery while you enjoy your flight in the tasting room; Long Island Spirits offers guests the opportunity to experience true, Long Island history, as it’s the first craft distillery on Long Island in nearly 200 years; and when you’re at the Tanger Outlets, don’t forget to visit our friends at Empire State Cellars!

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll return to Bistro 72 for a relaxing dinner from our new 7 Days of Bistro 72 Fall Menu, and a peaceful night’s sleep in a luxurious bed at Hotel Indigo.

All-in-all, our party was an absolutely wild success, and we owe it all to the hard work of our incredible partners in our exciting new venture: A Spirited Getaway! We look forward to welcoming you for your own Spirited Getaway—book yours today at Hotel Indigo East End!

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